Film Festival information

New Mills International short film and animation festival 2008

This event is free but booking is essential Contact Paul Devereaux 01663 741 340 or email:

The films on offer are from a wide range of sources and include contributions from individual award winning film makers and animators and organizations.

“Man and Whale” (Japan, English subtitles)
A seaside school. In the corridor stands the principal, beloved of the high-spirited youngsters. Gazing at a picture of a whale drawn as a child, the head teacher is swept away with sentiment into a flashback from the past. Just then, on the ocean horizon...

The Meatrix” (USA)
One of three films from “Free Range Studios”. A Very dark but entertaining look at the meat processing industry in the style of “The Matrix”


“Don't Let it all unravel” (UK)
A simple and striking animated film, depicting the world as knitting which slowly unravels over 90 seconds to nothing.
“Carbon Weevils” UK

“The Huma-Porcellone-Syndrome” (Denmark) The Danes are in the middle of an election campaign. Which animal is to be elected the national Danish mammal? They can choose between the fox, the fallow deer, the squirrel, the common dormouse and the pig. Jens Bonde is not particularly interested ..

“Mirage” (USA) MIRAGE is a story about my life as a collector having endless desires. Main character is a biomechanic robot that has to fill his glass chest with water in order to sustain his life. This story happens in water but the robot can not recognize it.

“Penguin in Pickle” (UK) One of two short animations from Airside Studios. A penguin is stuck on a melting ice floe.....


And many more......come along and be entertained at the Revival church, High Street, New Mills, SK22 4BR
Saturday 20th September. Doors ope 7.00pm