New Mills Festival - 2001 - Lantern Procession


The New Mills Festival Grand Lantern-lit Procession over the Millennium Walkway in the Torrs Gorge was an atmospheric experience for the several hundred people who took part. Many carried fish-shaped lanterns that they had constructed in the lantern-making workshops during the two weeks of the Festival.Starting from Newtown Recreation Ground, where the Derbyshire Building Society's hot air balloon lit-up the dusk sky, the Procession made its way down the Torrs, led by Samba band Tem Cachorro. Torches had been hung along under the Millennium Walkway to create a dramatic scene over the river below, where large fire-filled lilies floated above the weir.The path downstream from the Walkway was lit by dozens of torches and by giant flaming chandeliers hanging from the trees. The Procession congregated at Mousley Bottom Park to witness a spectacle of fire-sculptures and fireworks organised by Pa-BOOM.